Death Trap 2001 7.5 MB

My last completed "game" made in GameMaker. A remake of "Death Trap", which was an infamous GameMaker game for a variety of reasons.

Death Trap 2001 is a "cinematic action-shooter."

The Alpha Code 7.1 MB

The most well received of my games. It's a space-mystery.

3D Boxing Game 2.6 MB

Very old one here. One of my first. Not an amazing game or anything, but it's here to complete the collection.

BobNet 3.7 MB

My last GameMaker project. It utilized GMOnline by SilverNetworks to create a virtual meeting place for two users. It's like a very strange multi-feature IM program. I believe this was the 2nd ever GMOnline supported GameMaker release.

Bob OS 2.8 MB

The official Bob Operating System. Originally made to compete with Whendoes 98. Hah.

GM Fighting 3.8 MB

This game takes famous GM characters and puts them into a big battle together. Play as anyone you want, against anyone you want. Ah, those were the days... I bet most people won't even recognize all of these guys today.

iMedia Script Archive 6.0 MB

This contains the open-source versions of Death Trap 2001, The Alpha Code, and GM Fighting. I did this to promote better GM games. Most of the scripts are somewhat outdated and don't work with the newest version of GM.


My first attempt at making an RPG.

RPG BOB 2 2.9 MB

Ah yes, RPG BOB 2. Has a virtual city and everything! I also have this PATCH for it, although I don't remember what the patch does, or if it's even needed with this version...

Secret Agent Bob 21.9 MB

That's right - 21.9 megs. It's the FULL VERSION buddy, none of that "SAB Light" crap. This was my first ever released GameMaker game. The game that changed the GameMaker community forever... by forever tying up their phone lines as they downloaded this beast over their 56K modem.

Secret Agent Bob 2 17.2 MB

It's exactly like Secret Agent Bob 1, only with raptors.

Secret Agent Bob 3 6.1 MB

It's exactly like Secret Agent Bob 2, only with skeletons.

Secret Agent Bob Training 380 KB

I think at this point I was just trying to pump out as many games as possible. I think in 9 days I released like 5 games or something crazy like that.

Star Warez 7.5 MB

Still a favorite by many, this is a spoof on Star Wars and the GameMaker community. See if you can get to the end - you get to play as Al (the creator of GameMaker) in a light-saber battle.

The Box 480 KB

Can you discover the secret of The Box? If you can, please e-mail me, because I wasn't aware that I actually put one in.

Zandar 3.7 MB

This isn't a GameMaker game. This is actually a ColdStone game - the FIRST COLDSTONE GAME EVER, despite Ambrosia Software's claim that PoG is the first ColdStone game ever. Zandar was made with an early beta of ColdStone, before Ambrosia became ColdStone's publisher.

A.I. Draw Test 6.4 MB

This isn't a game. This isn't even really functional. I was doing a test application to see if it were possible with GameMaker to create an artificially intelligent program that could look at an image you drew on screen, and respond with a relevant comment out of 10 preset comments. The answer was, yes - the program actually works decently. But you need to have two networked computers to get it to work with how I programmed it. It's open source so go ahead and look at the code.

Bob's Snowboarding 3.9 MB

Really, don't ask about this one. I can't remember if I ever actually released this publicly or not, but it sure as heck isn't a game that most of you will remember.

Bob's Tug-Of-War 980 KB

Very, very stupid game. Made around the same time as the snowboarding game.

Who Killed Bob? 4.0 MB

Watch me make fun of every GameMaker character in existence.

The Alpha Code 2 2.9 MB

I just stopped production of this. My viewing script became too hard to work with. But, for those of you who wanted to know more about the story of The Alpha Code...

GM Wars 5.5 MB

I tried to get back into GM making, and decided to make a, uh, "tribute" game. Had a rather advanced movement script. It's open source, too, so feel free to steal it.

The Anaphobian Planet 130.2 MB

Yeah, you read that file size right. One hundred and thirty-two megabytes. I spent a rather long time on this, and actually sold it on CD (and had like three sales.) I'm sure a few of you have always wondered what the heck this game was like. Well, here ya go!