FilmCow Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Charlie / Llamas / Whatever video coming out?
I have no idea, please do not e-mail me asking this.

What programs do you use?
I work on a Mac so some of my software is Mac only. For editing I use Final Cut Pro. For drawing I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. For animation I use Adobe After Effects. For audio recording I use a program called Amadeus Pro, and for music I use Logic Pro. Most of my older 3D effects were either done in Carrara, Bryce, After Effects or Poser.

What hardware / camera do you use?
I do all of my work on a MacPro tower. The microphone I use for my voice-overs is a Shure SM7B, which hooks up to my computer through a Saffire LE audio hub. I draw using a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. I currently shoot my live-action videos with a Canon 60D (previously a Canon HV30) and a Rode Video Mic microphone.

Why haven't you replied to my e-mail / singing telegraph?
It's gotten to the point where I simply can't reply to every e-mail I get anymore. I could spend two hours a day responding to my mail and only get through half of them. So please don't take it personally if I don't e-mail you back. I do read all of the e-mails I get, but it's just not possible to reply to them all.

Can I use something from your video in a project of mine?
Feel free to use anything I've made in your project as long as the project is non-profit. And by that I mean it's not for sale, nor is it generating any advertising money, nor is the sole purpose of the project to advertise something that IS for sale.

Can I send you my ideas for a video / Charlie episode?
No. I do not read the Charlie the Unicorn scripts or "ideas for a FilmCow movie" that people send me. I appreciate the support but I'm just not interested in making movies based on other people's ideas right now. My favorite part of the creative process is taking an idea of mine and turning it into something real that people can watch, which is why I write all of my own material.

Do you have a YouTube account?
Why yes, right here:

Anyone else on YouTube claiming to be me is not, this is my only YouTube account.

What are the names / genders of the blue and pink unicorns?
It's a secret. I feel the characters are more interesting the less you know about them.

What are the unicorns in Charlie 2 saying in Spanish?
It's more or less all nonsense. The basic translation is this:

The man with the hat sent us!
He told us many amazing stories!
Tonight we dine on turtles!
So good, they will be!
I am happy!

What are the unicorns in the YouTube Live video saying?
They're speaking very poorly pronounced Russian and saying "My hovercraft is full of eels." It's a Monty Python quote.

Can I upload your movies to YouTube 700 times?
Please don't. Most of the copies of my movies that I see on YouTube are terrible quality. I have the original source file, and I spend a lot of time making sure the copy I upload is the highest quality possible. So I'd appreciate it if you didn't upload my stuff to YouTube (or any other video site for that matter.)

Can I have your AIM / Skype / MSN / Pony Express address?
No, I much prefer e-mail and bird calls.

Who makes these movies?

How do you make your movies?
I just fall asleep at my desk, wake up and BAM, lyme disease.

You idiot.
Alright if you have a specific question e-mail me. But really, I just grab a camera and shoot stuff, or grab a computer and animate. The best way to learn how to make movies is to simply go out and make them. George the Third was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from October 25th, 1760 until January 1st, 1801, and thereafter of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death.

I made a blog post about my animation process a little while ago that should answer a few of your questions:

Can you watch my movies and tell me what you think?
Please don't send me your movies to watch unless you've really put some work into them. And plleeeaaasee don't be offended if I don't respond - I get sent a ton of videos a week and I simply don't have the time to watch most of them.

Can you add me to your affiliates page?

How do I download your movies?
On the QuickTime page for each film, there’s a “Direct Video Link” button. Right-click that, and then go to “Save As.” If you’re on a Mac and still have a one-button mouse, then “Control-Click” instead. If you want to put my videos onto your iPod, go to the Downloads page and grab those.

Would you be interested in a fixed rate m0rtgaGe, or perhaps some delicious vi@gRa?
Why yes fine sir, sign me up for this amazing deal!