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Re: The Thread
« Reply #7440 on: August 01, 2019, 12:31:52 AM »
I have a really old world file of part of the world if anyone wants it. It was made a couple months before the update to 1.7 (lol), it features old spawn, Murider, church of Nova, VGA/Gdrumer's town, the end, Pixel road, my home, a shocking amount of the nether, Saraholmes area,King of spades underwater build, Troy, all of the warps and I think a few other things. It's tricky to naviage due to lack of warps and massive unloaded gaps in the world between locations. Also, anything that was in chests isnt there, but if anyone wants it hmu its still nostolgic. Its also super interesting to look at old spawn in spectator mode. (even tho it is a super old version of the world)
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